No, no prior degree is required, and yes the registration is open to students.
Yes, OGDPC and FIF-PL. If you don’t understand, it means that you are not eligible for...
No. You are free and there is no sequence to follow. But the complex and management of erosive wear cases course is less relevant if you have no experience in adhesive dentistry.
No prior training is required. The small groups allow a real exchange with the participants which contributes to our pleasure as a trainer and makes a personalized accompaniment possible.
The teaching material we have will allow us to adapt to your expectations. Don't hesitate to challenge us, the exchange will be all the more fertile!
We have learned a lot by analyzing our photographs. This exercise was particularly useful when shared. It was an incredible tool for progression and emulation. We would like to analyze together the cases you iconographed, make constructive comments and guide you in a systematic analysis. Of course you can choose not to present your case(s).

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